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 UR state company  , Is one of Iraqi ministry of industry companies specialized in producing all types of cables and electrical and phones  wires as well as Aluminum products of sections and sleeves and plates and drugs plugs , The company  has been founded in 1988 resulted from compacting two facilities they are  the state establishment for cables and electricalwires and state establishment  of Aluminum, industrialization that had been founded in 1974-1975 respectively and including 15 producing plants distributed on sections of cables and Aluminum and the company seeks to covering all needs of public sector and private sector and continuously seeks to conduct development  walk and rebuilding up to be one of industrial prominent companies.

Ur state company had got the ISO certificate

Ur state company had got the ISO certificate issued from BM TRADA British company which is depended from UKAS after finishing the field audit inside the company by the depended international auditors .The certificate had been receipt in the company warehouse in 23/5/2013 to the Director General . Engineer / Jalil M. Ali by the representative of BM TRADA Company ( Middle East ).

The process of getting the certificate had don after finishing the company all the procedures of rehabilitation that started from July 2010 till April  2013 with great effort by the staff of the ISO department (the responsible department directly of preparation and applying the ISO system in the company according to the ISO specification 9001 - 2008 in addition to the effort of factories and departments that is applying the system ,auditors , publication department with direct support from the Director General and High authorities ( administration).

The company getting of the certificate means achieving production cables and aluminum (copper cables , aluminum cables of different sizes and aluminum profiles )  of high quality and applied to the depended specifications in the way that enhanced the customer trust of these productions.

So, our company invites all ministries , Partner companies in Ministry of Industry and Minerals , private sector companies and citizens to purchase the company products as it is of high quality and good specifications as the company got the ISO certificate ( 9001 - 2008 )




1.      That the company would be the main exporters of Aluminum products and filling needs of public and private sectors inside Iraq from these products.

2.      That the company would achieves demanded goals through taking use of   it's remotest energy through running all producing plants

3.      executing all future projects of the company like project of electrical cable  of medium tension  and project of continuous pouring for producing plates and sleeves of aluminum

4.      Dragging investors to the company 

5.      rate of company's profits growth in limits of 5% for every year

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Our company seeks to providing it's products to the clients with high quality and seeks to obligates dates of carrying out contracts and customers demands and to delivery them in suitable times  also the technical and engineering staff  are working to improves quality of products to reaches up to typical development where it would be able to competes with other products in the market, and through reaching to our customers high  expectations the company would be able to do it's obligations towards investors and people of Iraq.


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